Our Clients

  • ELM Group
  • Roche Group
  • Langan Engineering
  • Troy Chemical Company
  • BEFESA Gestion de Residuos Industriales (Spain)
  • Pennbrook Homes / Abito
  • Hera AG Ambiental (Spain)
  • DuPont Environmental Remediation Services
  • Eco Recycling Systems (France)
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • US Naval Facilities Engineering
  • The Monsanto Company
  • RMI Environmental Services
  • United States Department of Energy
  • Honeywell International
  • Daimler-Chrysler
  • Westinghouse Hanford Company
  • Springfield Township Site PRP Group
  • King of Prussia Technical Corporation Site PRP Group
  • Parsons Engineering Science, Inc.
  • City of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Technology: Oil Sludge Processing Hydrocarbon Separation & Recovery

ART provides waste treatment solutions to the petroleum, and petrochemical industries to treat and manage a multitude of hazardous and non-hazardous refinery waste streams. ART utilizes a combination of physical separation proven technologies for processing of Tank Bottom Sludges, Refinery Wastes, Hydrocarbon Residues, Hydrocarbon (oil) recovery, Hydrocarbon Soil Treatment, Soil Cleaning, Soil Surfactant Washing, Thermal Desorption and Distillation.


sludge holding tanks Hydrocarbon soil cleaning hydrocarbon soil treatment

Sludge Holding Tanks

Soil Washing

Hydrocarbon Soil Treatment

hydrocarbon recovery via centrifuge centrifuging for hydrocarbon recovery

Heating Tank and Centrifuge for Hydrocarbon (Oil) Recovery

Centrifuge unit Product Discharge 

On-Site Analytical Laboratory

Thermal Desorption thermal vapor oxidizer

Sludge Drying and Thermal Desorption

Thermal Desorber Product

Vapor Oxidizer