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ART in cooperation with its US-partner is presenting innovative polluted soil treatment for decontamination of Cesium contaminated soils in Fukushima, Japan.

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Welcome to ART Engineering LLC

ART Engineering LLC (ART) is a specialized environmental remediation company based in Tampa, Florida. Principles of ART have over 20 years of diversified contaminated soil treatment and soil remediation experience. ART has extensive experience in applying cost effective innovative soil processing, soil cleaning and “Smart” site remediation solutions.

ART and its associates have provided many full scale soil treatment plants worldwide. Treatment plants included various type treatment systems: Physical Separation, Soil Washing, Soil Chemical Extraction, Soil Chemical Oxidation (Ex-Situ) and Thermal Desorption. ART also provides on-site Project Management. ART is recognized for providing quality work, always on time, while recognizing the need to remain flexible to changing conditions.

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Soil Washing

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Oil Sludge Processing Hydrocarbon Separation & Recovery

Soil Oxidation

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Thermal Desorption Processing Direct Fired & Indirect Fired

Oil Sand Processing

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SMART Excavation & Site Remediation Project Management