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TNT Soil Processing for Optimized Bioremediation
ART is currently constructing a soil processing plant for processing 100,000 tons of TNT (Tri-Nitro-Toluene) contaminated soils as pre-treatment for bioremediation. This innovative approach provides ideal conditions for breakdown of TNT and achieves greater than 99% TNT removal (breakdown) within a single season.

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ART Engineering LLC (ART) is a remediation company specialized in ex-situ soil treatment using Soil Washing, Bioremediation and Thermal Desorption Treatment Systems. ART principals have 25+ years of full scale project implementations and backgrounds in Mining, Mineral Processing and Contaminated Soil Remediation. The proven cost effectiveness of Soil Washing is in volume reduction of contaminated soils, re-classification of contaminated soils from hazardous to non-hazardous and in some cases 100% onsite reuse and/or recycle. Bioremediation and Thermal Treatment can allow for 100% of onsite reuse. ART provides specific project treatability studies and evaluations to determine which of these remediation remedies, or combination or remedies, is best suited for the project. ART always looks for the most cost effective solution among these technologies that meets our clients' goals.

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